FWPBYRae | Fusing Design and Wine | Ethically made T-shirts and sweatshirts


Our ethically produced cotton T-shirts and sweatshirts are manufactured under fair working and fair wage practices.

Screen printed with fun and meaningful words from the world of wine, they are colourful, bright and most importantly stylish.

Designed with love for everyone, not just for wine lovers. After all, we are all a Premier Cru.

Rae x

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fwp by rae
santé t-shirt crew neck | fwpbyrae
Santé t-shirt | fwpbyrae
white cotton t-shirt | fwp by rae
fwp by rae | blanc de noirs t-shirt
fwp by are
fwpbyrae | bon vintage t-shirt
fwp by are
fwp by rae