Wine Time Tee Christmas Donations

Wine Time Tee Christmas Donations
23/11/2022 Rae
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Wine Time Tee Christmas Donations

Christmas is a wonderful time of year for so many people, bringing friends and family together through joy and laughter. But for others it can be a desperately miserable time, reminding them of how difficult life is.

Years ago, when I was employed by a big company with a good regular wage, I had monthly standing orders set up to various different charities. Now, as a single mum single handedly paying to keep a roof over our heads with no other financial contributions (maintenance is a myth my friends), I do have moments where I panic and think what would happen if I couldn’t work from home or my business stopped making enough money to keep going. I could very easily end up looking for housing or heading to the food banks. It may seem dramatic, but when you don’t have a 2nd income safety net it can quickly become a reality for a lot.

That’s why this Christmas I want to donate to Shelter and the Hygiene bank. Of course I can’t donate across everything I do, but I did these tees with this in mind, and I have the lovely Kat Farmer and Helen McGinn behind me on this promoting through their Wine Time live on Instagram (they were also both brought up by single mums I might add).

So from now until the 31st December, £3.50 from the sale of each tee will go to both charities, split evenly.

Plus, from November 26th – December 6th, The Hygiene bank will be taking part in The Big Give Christmas Challenge – so each donation made that week will be doubled. Therefore I want to give as much as possible by the 6th December.

I hope you love the tee, and I hope you don’t mind that it won’t be included in any discount coupons, simply because the money saved will be going here instead.

Rae x