The Big Move

The Big Move
15/04/2024 Rae
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Why the big move?

A lot of us nowadays work from home, especially since COVID. However, running a business from home is a whole different ball game.

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Completely boxed in

In my case, my little house stopped being a home and aside from the living room, there wasn’t anywhere that I could escape work as it spilled into every room and aspect of my life.

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Our new studio space

I had already taken on warehouse space, and we had to upgrade and move rooms 3 times across the last 18 months, and it got to the point where I had to start looking at other options.

Too big to cope with the little space I had available, too small to take on a huge extra expense. I knew that I needed another person to help, especially when Lyndsey wasn’t around, but also to help both myself and Lyndsey. However, the thought of having another person wandering around my home wasn’t that appealing, especially as it would be a complete stranger.

I spent months trawling estate agents looking at office space to rent (all dreary and depressing and bloody expensive). I had looked into fulfilment a couple of years ago, mostly just to see how it worked, but the impersonable aspect of it really didn’t appeal to me, plus I’m not set up like your standard fashion brand, so it was always going to be tricky.

After Christmas a huge order was coming in from India, and I panicked when I saw the number of boxes. Where was I going to store it all! That’s when I snapped and went into overdrive, mind made up, something needed to change.

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We are out!

I did a lot of research and after 3 months found the perfect set up. A small family run business who only work with small brands like me. Along with Lyndsey, I went up to visit and was delighted to see how aside from the extra space, it was exactly like we run the packing here. Faces put to names, a small team of girls all working part time who will be handling the orders. Jade was amazing and went through exactly how we want things packed. Me and Lyndsey will still handle all the customer services, so nothing changes with regards to how you communicate with us. The only difference is the returns address. Everything else stays the same.

The real big difference though is that now we can really focus on what matters, creating fabulous pieces for our customers and giving the best customer service we can. What was the packing and storage room now becomes a proper office space to design and create.

Sure, there are bound to be some teething problems as it was a big move, but I’m totally confident that they will be few and far between.

Please continue to use email – – to communicate with us.

Thanks again for all your support. You are the reason that we have reached this point and we couldn’t do it without your continuous support and understanding.

Rae  x