Tequila Sunrise Tour 1972

The Rolling Stones Tequila Sunrise USA Tour 1972

I love a back story, and when it was decided to do a Tequila Sunrise T-shirt I was jumping for joy when I read the history of this colourful cocktail (not all cocktails have an interesting story).

Originally it was created in the 1930’s/40’s using Tequila, creme de cassis, lime juice and soda (quite dull right).

However, fast forward to the early 1970’s and the modern version of the Tequila Sunrise was born. Originating from Sausalito California, it was updated by bartenders Bobby Lozoff and Billy Rice while they were working at the Trident, but the story gets better.

A party was organised at the Trident to kick off the Rolling Stones 1972 American tour. At that party Mick Jagger asked for a Margarita but instead was offered to try a Tequila Sunrise. He liked it so much that he and his entourage started drinking them all across America. According to Keith Richards in his ‘Life’ autobiography, they later nicknamed the tour the “cocaine and Tequila Sunrise tour”.

Fully inspired by this story I have taken this precious info and ran with it, creating a blend of ink colours to replicate the stunning and vibrant grenadine, orange and yellow of a Tequila Sunrise. I have of course left out a tiny part for obvious reasons!

I loved the design so much that I decided to extend it to the new KIT sweatshirts. The colours just pop in so many fabulous and different ways. I hope that you love these as much as I do. Rae x