Over the years I have consistently found sizing to be complicated.

A size 12 in one store can be closer to a 10 in another or even a 16 in another (looking firmly at you Zara)…. Same goes for Small Medium Large. On top of that, one person’s size 10 isn’t the same as another’s simply because we are all built differently from shoulders, to boobs, to hips, we are not clones of each other.

Sizing FWP by RaeTherefore, I have tried to be right down the middle with my own designs, and each product has measurements at the bottom of the product page. This makes it easier for customers to decide which size to purchase.

I will always give the chest measurement (measured from 2cm below the armpit), around the hem if a woven fabric like a blouse, and body length, (body length always measure from collar/side of the neck down to hem).

All are taken whilst the garment is laid flat. You can then simply take an item from your own wardrobe and compare.


Something to always consider is shape. A size medium of the FIZZ or Bon Vintage Retro tee (slimmer fit tee) will not look the same on the body as the PARIS or COSMO (wide slouchy fit tee), simply because they are both completely different style tees.

Please be aware of this when ordering, as they will fit the body differently based on the style of the design. We have used TAGS to help you find your favourite fit in other colours/slogans. Simply go to your favourite top, scroll down to TAGS and click on a word regarding the fit (see example below).

How to use tags | fwp by rae