Royal Mail Strikes

Royal Mail Strikes – and how this is affecting delivery dates

As I’m sure you are aware, Royal Mail are striking throughout the rest of the year, and this will have an impact on deliveries,

The strike dates are noted on the homepage of the site. I have noted them here too and also to give you one example of how this can affect your order, please read below.

Dates we currently know of:

NOVEMBER – 24th, 25th, 30th
DECEMBER – 1st, 9th, 11th, 14th, 15th – potentially 23rd and 24th December too.

An example of the potential impact on deliveries:

Order placed Friday 25th November.
Order dispatched Monday 28th November.
HOWEVER…. There were strikes on 24th 25th November (no collections, deliveries and therefore backlogs too).
More strikes Wednesday 30th and Thursday 1st.

All of the above will cause that order to be delayed because of the strikes just before and after. 

Our main hub is Gatwick, so if you see your parcel is still there it is down to the sheer volume of mail being held up there. Some parcels are taking over a week to move on from here.

I can totally appreciate the frustration, however please note all parcels are tracked and links go out with dispatch emails. A lot of parcels won’t move as quickly while Royal Mail deal with other delayed parcels due to the knock-on effect of the strikes.

I have considered other options, but with the pressure now being passed on to courier services as other businesses switch, changing services doesn’t seem to be the best move at the moment and could make matters worse.

We thank you for your patience