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Rae’s Reviews or should I say Ra’v’e reviews is where you’ll find me prattling on about all the things that I love.

I may make stuff for other people to buy, but I also buy and try a lot of stuff myself, so I thought I’d share them here.

Some are old favourites and some are brand new bits and bobs I’ve discovered. They range from actual products to places I’ve visited or things I’ve seen. Anything goes really.

As I don’t get a lot of free time this won’t be regular, so just check back now and again or I’ll email you the newsletter database if anything new comes up so make sure you’re signed up.

Hope you find it useful, or just generally interesting.

Rae x

  • the big move | fwp by rae

    The Big Move

    Why the big move? A lot of us nowadays work from home, especially since COVID. However, running a business from home is a whole different ball game. In my case, my little house stopped being a home and aside from the living room, there wasn’t anywhere that I could escape…

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  • Wonder Woman t-shirt | fwp by rae | change a girls life campaign

    Just a girl from Barrow

    This year I’m thrilled to be helping raise funds for The Prince’s Trust and their #ChangeAGirlslife campaign this International Women’s Day. The money raised will help support young women, aiding them to build better futures for themselves through employment, education or by starting their own businesses. Together, we’re helping thousands…

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  • wine time tee | fwp by rae

    Wine Time Tee Christmas Donations

    Wine Time Tee Christmas Donations Christmas is a wonderful time of year for so many people, bringing friends and family together through joy and laughter. But for others it can be a desperately miserable time, reminding them of how difficult life is. Years ago, when I was employed by a…

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  • paris tee navy | fwp by rae

    A Pitstop in Paris

    A Pitstop in Paris – 24 hours in Paris In my line of work, it’s important to gather as much inspiration as possible, and although watching programmes, reading books/magazines and scrolling Pinterest may be somewhat useful, there’s nothing better than getting out there and people watching, especially in different cities…

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  • FWP BY RAE cotton t-shirts


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