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Rae’s Reviews or should I say Ra’v’e reviews is where you’ll find me prattling on about all the things that I love.

I may make stuff for other people to buy, but I also buy and try a lot of stuff myself, so I thought I’d share them here.

Some are old favourites and some are brand new bits and bobs I’ve discovered. They range from actual products to places I’ve visited or things I’ve seen. Anything goes really.

As I don’t get a lot of free time this won’t be regular, so just check back now and again or I’ll email you the newsletter database if anything new comes up so make sure you’re signed up.

Hope you find it useful, or just generally interesting.

Rae x

  • May022019
    FWP BY RAE cotton t-shirts


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  • Oct202018
    katy macmillan-scott

    2000 MILES – Adventures for Harriet

    2000 MILES I didn’t particularly set out to be a charity t-shirt business, but along the way I have encountered chance meetings or opportunities that have really made me think about how I could help. When I had a full time well paid job, I donated monthly to 8 charities.…

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