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  • Negroni t-shirt | fwp by rae | cocktail t-shirt

    Negroni T-Shirt


    Negroni T-shirt

    One of my absolute favourite cocktails printed on to our Linen and cotton blend MARGOT T-shirt. After some research as to who and where the Negroni was first made, the most widely reported claim was that it was first mixed in 1919 at Caffè Casoni in Florence, Italy. According to sources, it was concocted by a member of the Negroni family, who asked the bartender to strengthen the Americano by adding gin rather than soda water. The bartender then added the orange peel to signify it was a different drink (an Americano has lemon). One of the earliest reports of the cocktail came from Orson Welles, who was describing a new drink 'the Negroni' saying "the bitters are excellent for your liver but the gin is bad for you - they balance each other". I love how the t-shirt and drink work hand in hand. Be the coolest in the kitchen at that house party! See all details below for fit and sizing. Rae wears medium in these photos for a slouchier feel.