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    Napa Nights tee | fwp by rae

    Napa nights tee

    NAPA NIGHTS tee One place I would love to visit is the Napa Valley in California. Not only for the vineyards (which of course I would love), but downtown Napa is supposed to be absolutely stunning. In the Summer down by the riverside, Napa City Nights concerts are held in an old renovated amphitheatre. With views of the Napa river and the twinkling lights, this is one place that's hit my bucket list. For now I'll wear the t-shirt and start saving up. The t-shirt is the popular design which is home to FIZZ and Bon Vintage retro. With a round neck and rolled up sleeve it's perfect cut allows for it to hang loose over skinny pants or tuck it into a skirt or high waisted jeans for a cool edgy look. check sizing below