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  • Biscotti sweatshirt Blue Cinnamon | fwp by rae

    Biscotti Sweatshirt Blue Caramel


    Biscotti Sweatshirt Blue Caramel

    The soft caramel colour against the dreamy baby blue is a match made in heaven. Just like Vin Santo and Biscotti. Vin Santo is an Italian dessert wine with intense flavours of hazelnut and caramel. When paired with Biscotti it becomes 'Cantucci e Vin Santo' which is Italy's most famous welcoming tradition. Italians are very particular about what they dip their Biscotti into, and apparently an Italian food rule is only dip your biscotti into Vin Santo and not coffee. Printed on to our Best Mate sweatshirt. See sizing below. Rae wears small and is a size 10-12.