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    fwp by rae | bon bon sweatshirt

    Bon Bon sweatshirt brightest blue

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    Bon Bon sweatshirt

    Bon Bon is a tasting note used in the world of wine. Notes of bon bon demonstrates the smell of candy-like red fruits, raspberry, strawberries etc - 'aroma des bonbon.' Bon also means well, or good. Double good in this case. We love how the deep cherry red bounces from the blue. A gorgeous clash of colour on this gorgeous organic cotton sweatshirt. Check sizing below.
  • best mate sweatshirt brightest blue | fwp by rae

    Best mate sweatshirt brightest blue

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    The un-printed sweatshirt that houses FIZZ, POOLSIDE and PICANTE Simply a gorgeous organic cotton boyfriend style sweatshirt. The design is made to feel like a best mate in your wardrobe. Relaxed with a 'slightly too long' sleeve that creates a slight puff at the cuff. The collar isn't too high so that it has a more feminine feel. It's like a massive hug, as these sweatshirts are made as your go to when you want style and comfort. NOTE: the colour is as you would image the bottom of a swimming pool - beautifully fresh and bright. Check sizing below.