Caring For Your Clothes

Caring For Your Clothes

Most of our clothing, especially our t-shirts and sweatshirts, are made from Organic cotton. Organic cotton is free from harmful chemicals and is a softer and more breathable fibre than mass produced cotton which carry harsh chemical components in their structure. Organic cotton is much gentler on the skin and should be cared for like you would a favourite sweater.

Lola Slouch Linen Blend Tee White | fwp by raeWe recommend that our t-shirts and sweatshirts are always washed inside out and on a cool wash (preferably cold but no warmer than 30 degrees), and that a gentle detergent is used. Do not wash with heavy items such as denim, or any items with zips or buttons, and use a hand wash cycle if possible.

You do not need to use fabric softener, in fact we recommend that you don’t, as organic cotton fibres are already naturally soft and do not carry the chemical used to aid softening like mass produced cotton does.

Dry your garment flat and definitely DO NOT use a tumble dryer. This will cause damage to the fibre. Do not dry any prints in direct sunlight, especially if your garment has a white print, it can cause the white ink to scorch especially if left in intense heat.

Wear with pride for years.