I wanted to put everyone’s mind at rest with regards to how I am operating in these tricky times.

I work by myself and all my stock is in a room that isn’t entered into by anyone but me.

Public Health England have advised that people receiving parcels are not at risk, as it is currently understood that the COVID-19 virus doesn’t survive long enough on objects.

Due to issues out of mine and my manufacturers/printers control, I can only apologise if a lot of items are showing out of stock. Please bear with me as we are still in uncertain times and keep checking back as I am trying to replenish as quickly as is feasibly possible. I am however truly grateful for your continuous support, now more than ever.

I will notify everyone via the newsletter (sign up is below), email for waitlists or via instagram as and when things come back in.

You can still order and I will still send parcels. However there’s a high chance delivery will be longer than the usual 2-3 working days as all delivery companies are on skeleton staff with new procedures put into place to protect their staff which can slow things down.

If however an item that is in stock hasn’t arrived within 10 working days (so don’t include weekends or bank holidays) from AFTER the date you ordered please feel free to email me on

If you ordered a pre-order item, and if there was an in-stock item included in the same order, there may still be a delay while waiting for the pre-order item to come in stock. I appreciate your understanding and patience.

If you received your item and you want to exchange or return it but you are in self isolation due to illness and can’t get to the post office within the required time, please email me to let me know of your return or exchange. I am a very small business and need to manage my stock, however I am happy to extend my usual lead times.

With regards to stock levels, as I produce a lot of my items in India, my factory is in lockdown to protect staff, also other workers like my UK printer are on skeleton staff in order to stay safe, so re-stocking is also slow at this time. I apologise for this but please keep checking back as things do change.

I truly appreciate every single order and your loyalty throughout this difficult period. Please all stay safe and well. Hopefully we will start to see some improvements in the next coming months, let’s try and stay upbeat and positive.

Rae x